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Ableton Live Tutorial – Layering Drums Sounds

January 27, 20120 Comments

Do you want phat, layered drums in Ableton Live ? Ableton Hi Everyone. Head over to and check out my first exclusive tutorial for them. In this tutorial I demonstrate two ways to layer drum samples using an Ableton Live Drum Rack. The Ableton Drum Rack is one of the best ways I’ve found […]

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Free Ableton Rack #1 – MicroKORG Lead

November 26, 20110 Comments

I’m beginning a series of free Ableton Live instrument and FX racks for free download. Here is the first in the series. Free MicroKORG Instrument Rack Check out the video tutorial for a brief walkthrough, and get at me with your feedback! Also, check out Voltage-Controlled. It’s a great audio blog, and it’s were I […]

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Ableton Live: How to Use Follow Actions

October 31, 20110 Comments

Follow actions are a powerful, but often misunderstood capability of Ableton Live. They can be used to do anything from have your live set advance along with you while you play your instrument to it, to create wild, glitched-out random patterns and arrangements. This video serves as a basic introduction to how follow actions work, […]

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Creating Multiple Variations of a Clip in Ableton Live

August 23, 20110 Comments

It’s so easy to create multiple variations of a sample, a recording take, or a midi clip in Ableton Live. This simple technique allows you to make the most of your source material, and quickly keep the writing process moving along. I use a drum break to quickly demonstrate this editing technique, but as I […]

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Learn Music and Music Production For Free – 3 Great Resources

April 1, 20113 Comments

There has never been a better time to be learning about music production, recording, synthesis, or sound design. I’d venture to say there has never been a better time to learn, period. There is an incredible wealth of information on the web related to the afformentioned topics, some of which can be difficult to sift […]

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Free Ableton FX Rack – NY Style Compression

March 30, 201111 Comments

Hi everyone, Help yourself to this free Ableton Live FX rack. It’s a basic parallell (or NY) compression setup. What you’ve got is a rack with 2 chains, one dry and one compressed. All the most important controls are mapped to the 8 macros on the FX rack. Parallel compression is a great way to […]

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Ableton Live Tutorial – Trigger Gating

March 25, 20110 Comments

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to use a drum break to trigger a synth sound – a technique called trigger gating. You can use this technique to achieve very rhythmically interesting and complex patterns, or to make a synth, vocal, or bass line sit perfectly with your drums. I use an Ableton noise gate […]

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Free Drum Sounds – Electronic & Acoustic

March 24, 20111 Comment

Hi everyone, I’m making another collection of drum sounds available for free. This is a collection of mostly synth, and some acoustic drum sounds broken down by instrument ( KI, HH, SN, etc.). As with the last one, I’m not sure where it came from originally, but their very useful and great for layering. Download […]

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Rewire – Using Reason’s ReDrum and Ableton Together

March 22, 20110 Comments

This video is a demonstration of two different ways of using Ableton and Reason’s ReDrum device together. While both take advantage of the External Instrument plugin, one way provides us with total isolation of our elements. Having kicks, snares, cymbals, or any other elements on their own dedicated tracks in Ableton makes for more options […]

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Free Vintage Drum Machine Samples

March 15, 20116 Comments

Hello All, I’d like to share a large collection of vintage drum machine sounds I’ve acquired…from where I have no idea. It’s about a 400mb zip file, so it might take a little while depending on your connection speed. Download here

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